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June 19, 2013 11:36 pm

The BusinessMakers Radio Show

Men’s Wearhouse has dumped its founder and CEO, you know, the grey hair who says at the end of their ads, “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”

The company needs to do a lot more to improve its image among young professionals. I mean, start with the name. Evoking the word “warehouse” doesn’t exactly match up with quality. It’s not as cool-sounding as the Ludlow, J.Crew’s bestselling suit. It’s named after a street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which is dirty enough not to be too mainstream.

Men’s Wearhouse is for newbies. Walk and you’ll be sold something that fits terribly and makes you doughy. Probably something like a brown Calvin Klein three-button number that wears like that orange suit Heavy D wore in the “Now That We Found Love” video. Men’s Wearhouse is just not cool, nor does it offer low-enough pricing to compete with true discount stores like Century 21. Don’t call it MW or some silly acronym. Look what happened to JCP. registration offices . It just made you think Just Crappy Products more than JC Penney. I’d rather buy an outfit from Sears.

I could turn Sears cool. Maybe start with those Craftsman tools that are guaranteed for life and once you pick up a Craftsman wrench you are the baddest dude on earth. That’s my campaign. I’m going retro macho.

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So, basically MW (that’s the nickname I’m giving it) can tell me to go F myself and go ahead and buy my fancy Ludlow suits. They have their core customer. It’s the naive 25-year-old bank dude needing a quick and easy rotation for his first real job. Maybe I’m old and bitter, but I think this dude can do a lot better. I think it’s just that there are so many MW stores in Anytown USA Central next to Target and Best Buy, people are programmed to go there.

So MW is selling suits. With a better branding strategy towards quality they could be selling a lot more. company formation I applaud dumping the grizzly old guy who guarantees you are going to look good. I mean, c’mon, you’re going to buy something as important as a suit because that guy guarantees it?

Dave Thomas may have sold a lot of square hamburgers, but he kind of looked the part. I would jam on some triple cheeseburgers with that guy. But would I buy a suit from a guy who looks like he permanently smells like pipe tobacco? Nah, not in 2013 at least.

Now enjoy this video:





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